Welcome to Matt Barker Sports Massage in association with Beech Tree Therapies (in development). 

We have GIFT VOUCHERS available for Sports Massage. 60 and 45 minute sessions. An ideal last minute pressie for a loved one, travels easily or sits nicely in the tree.

Our associate Lynsey Knight also has vouchers for Reflexology, Pegnancy Reflexology and  Indian Head Massage too. 

To order just text Matt on 07887791423 or email mattbarkersofttissueclinic@gmail.com


We have therapy space to hire ready in the new year. If you are interested in joining the team email Matt on mattbarkersofttissueclinic@gmail.com.

Sports and Remedial Therapy Room
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October 2018

Hello everyone
Long time no blog. For that I apologise. I plan to now do a weekly blog to share what we do at MBSM and ask to share what my associates here at Woodhams, collectively known as Beech Tree Therapies, have to offer and what they are up to with regards to training, new treatments etc.
Currently we have;
Mandy Papas offering Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Reiki. (Every day except Sunday)
Lynsey Knight offering Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology, Hot Stone and Indian Head Massage (Tuesdays and Alternate weekends)
Sue Nicholson offering Pregnancy Massage ( Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings)
Nina Hutchinson offering Sports Massage Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, bookable via my website booking system)
Kate Churchman offering Yoga (Mondays 7.30pm and Wednesdays 6.15pm)
Lee Faulkner offering Hatha Yoga (Tuesdays 7.30pm and Thursday mornings 9.30am)
Myself, Matt Barker offering Sports Massage, Therapeutic massage, Injury Therapy, Physical Therapy, Myo-fascial Bodywork (Monday to Friday) and Hatha Freestyle Yoga (Wednesday mornings 10am and Thursday evenings 8pm)

I am hoping to offer new services soon. Things to look out for;
Energy Therapy Massage to rebalance the Emotional body.
Thai Massage – Traditional, undertaken fully clothed on the ground for 90 mins. Blending amazing and ancient therapeutic massage with gentle Yoga stretches in this tried and tested preventative treatment.
Myo-fascial Self help Workshops – using Rollers, Tennis Balls, towels etc. to help you maintain and manage your bodies and give you a good chance to be physically healthy and understand your body more.
Stretch and Roll classes – Weekly Foam roller and targeted stretches to improve your posture sleep and understanding of the body.
Yoga for Kids and parents
IF you are interested in any of these services existing or potential please message me on 07887791423 or email mattbarkersofttissueclinic@gmail.com

Finally, our sign at the bottom of the road that leads to Wooodhams on the junction with Springvale Road, the blue and white Matt Barker Sports Massage & Yoga sign, has been taken down.
To find us you can now follow the helpfully situated Wooden Arrow (see picture) that points up the driveway, visible if coming from Winchester. Then follow our arrows situated on the Wooodhams estate which say Beech Tree Therapies. These guide you to our car park.
That’s all for now folks


Matt Barker Sports Massage Sign

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August 2018

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays.

Just wanted to offer New Customers £10 off Sports Massage for this coming week, 30th July until 3rd August. Just quote ‘ Holiday Deal 10’ at your appointment  to get the discount.

Terms and conditions.

This deal is for New Customers to MBSM only.  Offer ends 12noon on 3rd August 2018. Bookings must be made by the recipient of the appointment and we cannot apply the deal to vouchers or apply to bookings made before 2230 on 29th July 2018.

Bookings must be made via www.mattbarkersportsmassage.co.uk/bookings.html or by texting/calling me on 07887791423.

So if you have family or friends who need a good deep tissue massage or struggle with aches and pains let them know.

Sports and Remedial Therapy Room





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New GDPR Data Act 2018

Matt Barker Sports Massage & Yoga and GDPR
What is GDPR?
It stands for ?General Data Protection Regulation? and is designed to help protect consumers like you with regards to how your personal data is used by the businesses you solicit (or whenever you sign up for a 3rd party technology app or platform like Setmore). The regulations govern how your personal data is processed, stored, monitored, shared, and so on. GDPR was enacted in the EU and goes into effect on May 25, 2018.
Why we are contacting you about this
To make sure we comply to this new GDPR 2018 data protection law we are emailing everyone we hold data for to explain how we use, hold and process your personal data and exactly what data we hold and how we store it.
As Massage Therapists we have to take medical histories to enable us to provide safe and effective treatments. On your first consultation we take a history of injuries, medical conditions and an overview of the currant reason for treatment. We also take your Name, Address, Email address, mobile and/or landline number, date of birth, how you found out about us, any allergies you have and any medication you are on. These details are required for compliance with our insurance policies. We are also required to hold medical notes for up to 7 years for insurance purposes. On subsequent appointments we will take notes about treatment and any changes in medical and physiological circumstance you share with us and will always ask your permission to do so.
The reasons we take your contact details
Emails , phone numbers and addresses are mainly for booking, changing and cancelling appointments. This makes it easy and effective for us to make your booking experience simple. We use the Setmore system. Information about their GDPR compliance and policies are at the bottom of this email.
Matt Barker Sports Massage & Yoga does not share your information outside the clinic. Only your specific Therapists have access to your Therapy notes and contact details unless you give specific written permission for us to share the notes with your GP, consultant, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer, Insurance company etc. This permission can be given to your therapist via email or in writing. The notes are stored on an encrypted, password protected drive which also has additional passcode security known only by your therapist.
You have the right to ask Matt Barker Sports Massage & Yoga to provide you with a hard copy of the notes we keep on you and we have a month to provide these, free of charge, within an envelope marked for you personally and ‘Private and Confidential’. You also have the right to ask us to erase, update or change your details and notes.

What we are doing
We at Matt Barker Sports Massage &Yoga are endeavouring to comply with the new GDPR Data Protection act 2018. We will be updating our terms and conditions, reviewing our note taking and permission policy and, via this email, ask your permission to share your email address with our marketing software MailChimp to keep you updated, please see below.
Important Marketing Permission Requested
Matt Barker Sports Massage &Yoga also would like to keep your email address on a securely encrypted mailing list through the Setmore booking system and MailChimp, the latter being software for advertising through emailing. This has always had an opting out option whenever we have sent marketing emails, usually found at the bottom of the email. We occasionally send marketing emails to clients to make you aware of any offers, vouchers or services available. This is for Matt Barker Sports Massage only. We do not share with any one else. We have used this system to make you aware of these changes.
For us to continue doing this under the new GDPR 2018 law and to offer you the best deals, services and updates of any changes to the business we need your permission to store and use your email address. Please send your written permission via email to www.mattbarkersofttissuetherapy@gmail.com . If we do not hear from you or you deny permission we will respect your privacy and delete you from our mailing list. Please give us 1 month to action your request.
Below is Setmore, my booking system’s wording on GDPR Data Act for your information.

Setmore and GDPR
Learn how Setmore is working to meet GDPR, and what you as a user should know.

Written by Cassandra Koehler
Updated over a week ago
GDPR is a new European Union (EU) regulation designed to protect EU citizen privacy when it comes to your personal data. As a Setmore user, both you and your customers have rights under GDPR.
Our intent is to make Setmore compliant with GDPR when it goes into effect on May 25th, 2018. Here?s an overview of how Setmore is preparing for GDPR compliance:

What is GDPR?
It stands for ?General Data Protection Regulation? and is designed to help protect consumers like you with regards to how your personal data is used by the businesses you solicit (or whenever you sign up for a 3rd party technology app or platform like Setmore). The regulations govern how your personal data is processed, stored, monitored, shared, and so on. GDPR was enacted in the EU and goes into effect on May 25, 2018.
We?re building new features
These features will allow you to request information on how your data is being used, and give you the ability to submit a request to remove data linked to an individual user. They?ll also help you meet GDPR compliance with your own customers, to the extent that your customers submit personal data to your business on the Setmore platform.
We?re auditing our processes
All of our teams are contributing to a bird?s-eye layout of how your data is taken in and used by Setmore. For example, when you sign up for an account, your email is used by our marketing platform so that we can send you educational content about how to use Setmore features. When your customers sign up for an account on your Booking Page, their phone number is used by our text messaging service provider so that we can send text reminders to them. All of this is being mapped out in a clear, concise way.
We?re updating our terms and conditions
The Setmore privacy policy and terms & conditions will be updated to allow for any unique provisions or additional information regarding GDPR compliance. This is definitely a good thing and in most cases it?s about giving you more control and visibility over how Setmore uses your data.
We?re regularly posting our progress on GDPR compliance
In addition to this support article, we?ll continue to update you on any information related to GDPR and Setmore. As the date for compliance gets closer, we?ll be able to provide more details about our actions and efforts, and how we?re enabling you to meet GDPR compliance with your customers as well.
Have any questions or concerns? Email privacy@setmore.com.

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We have quite a few new therapists at Woodhams. One of which is


Hi , my name is Sue Nicholson and I am a Pregnancy Massage Therapist .
I retired in 2012 after working as a midwife , in Winchester , for 22 years , a career I loved .
I am married and have 3 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. I have recently moved to
Funtington near Chichester to be nearer the countryside and coast as I love to walk with my
Springer Spaniel , Elsie .
I qualified as a Massage Therapist in 2003 and subsequently completed courses in
Massage and Pregnancy Massage .
Aromatherapy is a science and an art in which highly concentrated essential oils , extracted
from various parts of different plants , are used for their various properties. Many essential
oils are well documented to be safe in pregnancy and offer an extremely beneficial and
enjoyable means of treating the many physiological discomforts of pregnancy. The
application of an essential oil blend via the skin is enhanced when given through massage which is suitable for all stages of pregnancy.
The benefits of massage are many and include helping with relaxation, lowering blood pressure, stimulating circulation, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Pregnancy massage enables me to continue to work with pregnant women and I offer Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage from 12 weeks of pregnancy right up to 42 weeks . I can also offer postnatal massage.? I combine my knowledge of Midwifery, Massage and Aromatherapy to offer a unique and tailor made treatment for you.
(Sue Nicholson’s Contact)
T: 07814989605
E. suenichj@hotmail.com
(Sue Nicolson’s Times)
Fridays 1-7pm
Saturdays 8.30am 1pm

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How to find us!

Driveway to Woodhams


We are difficult to find. Apologies for this. The price we pay for working in the beautiful Hampshire countryside is the bumpy track and the secluded location.

Please refer to the website clinics page for our map and please note that SAT NAV often gets people lost by taking them on the A34. Whilst we are close to the A34 there now NO direct access to us via the A34.

The SO237LE postcode gets you to the bottom of our driveway. It is opposite some white railings on Springdale re, and almost opposite the junction to Nations Hill. There is a Matt Barker Sports Massage or Beech Tree Therapies sign in the hedge and also some red signs on the drive way to Woodhams saying it is a private road.

Up the driveway, go under the rail bridge, bear left and go down the bumpy track. Apologies for the potholes, these are the farm’s responsibility and MBSM/Beech Tree Therapies accept no liability for any damages caused by them.

Go past the stables which are on the right and either turn right between the buildings past a stair case and then left into car park or head straight past the horse arena and up the slope. This brings you up and right around the back, hooking around into the same car park. We are in the wooden lodge building on the far side of the Equestrian arena.



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Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat Day – September 17th 2017

Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat Day

Sunday 17th September 2017

Woodhams Farm Equestrian Centre

Kings Worthy, SO23 7LB

10am ? 5pm


Mandy Papas, Mindfulness Coach and Matt Barker, Yoga Instructor are joining forces to offer you a re-energising Yoga & Mindfulness Day Retreat!

You will enjoy a mixture of Yoga movement, Thai massage, gain an understanding of mindfulness, enjoy guided meditations, increasing gratitude, positivity and focus and enjoy finding space to de-clutter your mind, rejuvenate and restore your energy levels.

?Spaces are limited to 8 people on the day to ensure a personal and engaging experience.

Lunch will be provided at the Little Kitchen Bistro in Kingsworthy.

Contact either – Mandy Papas ? 0791 765 4546 or Matt Barker ? 07887 791 423


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Happy New Year to you all

Many of you are asking about Yoga classes and 121 Yoga

We offer a variety of Yoga classes here at MBSM. Here are my classes and also classes to come. All are bookable through my web site www.mattbarkersportsmassage.co.uk/bookings.html

Monday evenings ?-

6.30 pm?Beginners Hatha Yoga with Matt Barker, mattbarkersofttissueclinic@gmail.com


Tuesday Evenings?

7.45pm Sankalpa Yoga with Kate Churchman, kate@sankalpa.yoga



10am Sun Power Yoga with Matt Barker – call Matt to book 07887791423 (not available online)

6.30pm Sankalpa Yoga with Kate Churchman, kate@sankalpa.yoga

7.30pm Body Control Pilates with Caroline Smith, caroline.bodycontrolpilates@gmail.com


10am Gentle Relaxation Yoga with Matt Barker,?

8pm Sun Power Yoga with Matt Barker



Coming soon…

Yoga for Men only – some guys feel more comfortable doing Yoga in all male classes. Matt will be teaching this. He is a Sports Injury Therapist with a background of Rugby, Ju Jitsu, Ultra distance running, squash and Mountain Biking and came to Yoga with very tight legs and back so can relate well to how Yoga can help Men in particular.

Beautiful Oak Floored Studio

Yin Yoga – Kate Churchman will be offering Yin Yoga Mondays at 12.30pm, Tuesdays 9.30am and Wednesdays 12.30pm. Email kate@sankalpa.yoga or mattbarkersofttissuemassage.co.uk








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Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat with Mandy and Matt – Spaces Limited

Mind/Body Yoga & Mindfulness Day Retreat

Sunday 22nd January 2017? from ?10am until 5pm

?95 per person

Mandy?Papas, Mindfulness Coach and Matt Barker, Yoga Instructor are joining forces to offer you a re-energising Yoga & Mindfulness Day Retreat.


The Day Retreat will enable you to de-stress & relax, to make space to reflect and to reconnect with your mind and body through the powerful combination of yoga and mindfulness meditation. Spaces are limited to 8 people on the day to ensure a personal and engaging experience.


You will enjoy a mixture of Yoga movement, Thai Massage, gain an understanding of mindfulness, enjoy guided meditations, increasing gratitude, positivity and focus and enjoy finding space to de-clutter your mind, rejuvenate and restore your energy levels. You will enjoy rest, replenishment, renewal and inspiration. By working with both mind and body you will feel totally well-balanced.


Lunch will be provided at the Little Kitchen Bistro in Kingsworthy.


The day is open to anyone over the age of 18 and you don?t have to have any previous knowledge of yoga or mindfulness to enjoy it.


So if you are looking for a simple way to be able to press the pause button and find calm in a chaotic world, then the combination of yoga and mindfulness on this day retreat could be just the tonic for you!


Contact either: Mandy?Papas 07917654546 or Matt Barker 07887791423


Beautiful Oak Floored Studio

Beautiful Oak Floored Studio

blue-buddha veg-food

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Exclusive Mindfulness Yoga Retreat in Turkey With Matt & Mitch


YOGA _ Ashley-photographs-for-website-Jan-2016-1600x450






Sun, sea, sand and yoga, to some, might seem the like the best holiday ever.? You can relax, unwind and re-energise with this exclusive Turkish yoga retreat.? This unmissable retreat is set within an area of outstanding natural beauty at the spectacular, Spectrum Yoga Resort, Dalyan, Turkey.

The retreat is booked from the 10th October to 17th October 2016, exclusively with Matt & Mitch.

This week will include one to one time with Matt and Mitch, who are incredibly talented and experienced yoga instructors. They will help you to relax, unwind, hone your yoga skills and even release muscle tension with opportunity to request deep tissue massage.


Spectrum Turkey _YOGA_BEACH-1600x450







Spectrum Yoga Resort is a spectacular purpose built dedicated yoga and activity centre nestling at the foot of the Golgeli Mountains. Spectrum is a beautiful and tranquil location with running water and total privacy, surrounded by pine trees and fields of pomegranates and orange groves. ???It has a beautiful swimming pool with large terraces for sunbathing and a fantastic yoga space making this an idyllic yoga retreat to heal your mind and body and nurture your soul.

This one week retreat will help you to completely break down barriers, enabling you to explore self expression through movement, breath and body, thus?rejuvenating and transforming you on every level.

Mitch and Matt will be your personal yoga tutors for the exclusive one-week trip. They will help you to find your true and happy self in a place of freedom and sensual bliss.

This is an exclusive mindfulness yoga retreat, which means that every morning you will experience sensual and invigorating Yang style Vinyasana flow yoga. You will learn how to create movement to gain a strong and flexible body. Every afternoon session will be restorative Yin Style yoga incorporating subtle energy work, Qi Gong and breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation.

The Yoga Instructors ?

Mitch is an exciting?and inspirational mature male teacher, who discovered the many benefits of yoga 20 years ago.? He teaches his own unique freestyle yoga which is fun and rewarding.??Mitch Commented:

?We?ll help you to find quiet and inner peace in this magical retreat surrounded by spectacular nature. You?ll leave this wanting more.?

Matt runs his own Yoga centre near Winchester and is passionate about anatomy and physiology. He will teach you the benefits of each Asana (steady pose). He practices Sun power Yoga and balances Mitch’s Yin flow with powerful yoga to help you feel stronger and more energised. Matt also provides sports massage and can help with any injuries and restrictions to improve your yoga and help you feel safe & confident.

Turkish Yoga Fionuala-beach-800x225







The Location

Dalyan is a quaint and rural holiday resort destination, with lovely bars and restaurants in the town centre and built along the riverbanks.? Spectrum Turkey is situated 1 mile away from the centre.? Wednesday is always a free day at the centre when guests are encouraged to explore the many delights of Dalyan including:

  • Boat trips ? catch a ?water taxi? to the 7 kilometre Turtle beach or take a private boat trip for the day ? very good value for money
  • The beach ? Iztuzu beach by co-operative bus or the other end by boat (as above)
  • History ? Lycian Rock Tombs and Caunos an ancient Roman city
  • Turkish food ? freshly cooked using home-grown or market garden purchased products, delicious, tasty and healthy
  • Gluten and wheat free food is available
  • Natural therapies – hot springs and mud baths
  • Holistic therapies ? on-site massage, reiki and much more
  • Traditional Turkish bath
  • Wild life ? in abundance, storks, kingfishers, tortoises, wild boar for example
  • Weekly market ? selling wonderful Turkish treasures
  • Convenience ? Dalaman airport is only 30 minutes from Dalyan

Dalyan is an area of outstanding natural beauty in a conservation area (due to the turtles nesting on the beach hence there are no hotels just golden sand as far as you can see with background mountains).? It is located on the side of a river meandering down from Koycegiz lake (7th largest in Turkey), out to the Mediterranean Sea; only separated by a reed covered delta and the long golden strip of sand.? Most visitors comment on the magical, almost healing atmosphere; you are surrounded by natural colour therapy with the benefit of fragrant aromas.? October, when the weather is still wonderful, is the perfect time of year to enjoy the beauty of Dalyan.? A truly fabulous location.

?The Accommodation

All the accommodation at Spectrum has en suite facilities and air conditioning.? The rooms are courtyard style around the pool with 10 Single rooms, 2 Twin rooms (twin beds) and 1 Triple room (3 single beds).? The rooms are lovingly decorated emphasising personal attention and plenty of special touches.?

The Food
The food served will be fully vegetarian, which will be home grown or locally produced by nearby market gardeners (gluten, wheat & dairy free can be catered for).
Getting There:?By Air

All flights are to Dalaman airport.? The earlier you book the flight the cheaper it usually is. You may wish to hire a car from the airport, especially if you want to explore further afield.


Individual taxi transfers are offered by the centre. We will provide you with the airport meeting point and the names of the other guests in your transfer taxi and our own driver will meet you. The cost for this service is 35 Turkish lira?per person?(?14) regardless of how many are in the taxi, and you have to order a return transfer. The?journey takes 30 minutes.

What?s Included:?Tuition, accommodation, breakfasts every day and dinners on 5 evenings are all included in the price, plus tea and coffee whenever you want it.

All this for ?450 per person based on two sharing or ?495 your own single room.? This is a truly great value holiday!

What?s not Included:?Flights, insurance, meals other than as specified are not included.

Booking:?To guarantee you place on this amazing holiday contact Mitch on 07919 665634 or mitchyoga@yahoo.com


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