Minimalist Running Workshops, 1 on 1 sessions and Talks

Just a quick heads up to say that I am going to start Barefoot/ Minimalist Running Guidance sessions to those who want it. This will start with a talk and demo at goPhysio at 6.30pm on 19th October, alongside the opening of the new goPhysio clinic ( for more details).

Barefoot running is something which I believe reduces lower limb injury, improves running efficiency and is a great method for those new to running to start with and develop. Rather than weakening your plantar fascia and proprioceptive mechanisms in your feet with ultra-cushioned, stability controlled expensive trainers see Barefoot/Minimalist ?Running as a good value, longer term investment for healthy feet and legs.

Combined with my Sports Remedial Massage, muscular imbalances in your hips, ankles, knees and feet can be addressed to allow you to get the most from Barefoot/Minimalist Running.

Come and discuss it with me and I can show you how a program of foot strengthening plus Sports Massage can improve your running and your posture.


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