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Mind/Body Yoga & Mindfulness Day Retreat

Sunday 22nd January 2017? from ?10am until 5pm

?95 per person

Mandy?Papas, Mindfulness Coach and Matt Barker, Yoga Instructor are joining forces to offer you a re-energising Yoga & Mindfulness Day Retreat.


The Day Retreat will enable you to de-stress & relax, to make space to reflect and to reconnect with your mind and body through the powerful combination of yoga and mindfulness meditation. Spaces are limited to 8 people on the day to ensure a personal and engaging experience.


You will enjoy a mixture of Yoga movement, Thai Massage, gain an understanding of mindfulness, enjoy guided meditations, increasing gratitude, positivity and focus and enjoy finding space to de-clutter your mind, rejuvenate and restore your energy levels. You will enjoy rest, replenishment, renewal and inspiration. By working with both mind and body you will feel totally well-balanced.


Lunch will be provided at the Little Kitchen Bistro in Kingsworthy.


The day is open to anyone over the age of 18 and you don?t have to have any previous knowledge of yoga or mindfulness to enjoy it.


So if you are looking for a simple way to be able to press the pause button and find calm in a chaotic world, then the combination of yoga and mindfulness on this day retreat could be just the tonic for you!


Contact either: Mandy?Papas 07917654546 or Matt Barker 07887791423


Beautiful Oak Floored Studio

Beautiful Oak Floored Studio

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