How to find us!

Driveway to Woodhams


We are difficult to find. Apologies for this. The price we pay for working in the beautiful Hampshire countryside is the bumpy track and the secluded location.

Please refer to the website clinics page for our map and please note that SAT NAV often gets people lost by taking them on the A34. Whilst we are close to the A34 there now NO direct access to us via the A34.

The SO237LE postcode gets you to the bottom of our driveway. It is opposite some white railings on Springdale re, and almost opposite the junction to Nations Hill. There is a Matt Barker Sports Massage or Beech Tree Therapies sign in the hedge and also some red signs on the drive way to Woodhams saying it is a private road.

Up the driveway, go under the rail bridge, bear left and go down the bumpy track. Apologies for the potholes, these are the farm’s responsibility and MBSM/Beech Tree Therapies accept no liability for any damages caused by them.

Go past the stables which are on the right and either turn right between the buildings past a stair case and then left into car park or head straight past the horse arena and up the slope. This brings you up and right around the back, hooking around into the same car park. We are in the wooden lodge building on the far side of the Equestrian arena.



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