Pregnancy Massage

We have quite a few new therapists at Woodhams. One of which is


Hi , my name is Sue Nicholson and I am a Pregnancy Massage Therapist .
I retired in 2012 after working as a midwife , in Winchester , for 22 years , a career I loved .
I am married and have 3 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. I have recently moved to
Funtington near Chichester to be nearer the countryside and coast as I love to walk with my
Springer Spaniel , Elsie .
I qualified as a Massage Therapist in 2003 and subsequently completed courses in
Massage and Pregnancy Massage .
Aromatherapy is a science and an art in which highly concentrated essential oils , extracted
from various parts of different plants , are used for their various properties. Many essential
oils are well documented to be safe in pregnancy and offer an extremely beneficial and
enjoyable means of treating the many physiological discomforts of pregnancy. The
application of an essential oil blend via the skin is enhanced when given through massage which is suitable for all stages of pregnancy.
The benefits of massage are many and include helping with relaxation, lowering blood pressure, stimulating circulation, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Pregnancy massage enables me to continue to work with pregnant women and I offer Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage from 12 weeks of pregnancy right up to 42 weeks . I can also offer postnatal massage.? I combine my knowledge of Midwifery, Massage and Aromatherapy to offer a unique and tailor made treatment for you.
(Sue Nicholson’s Contact)
T: 07814989605
(Sue Nicolson’s Times)
Fridays 1-7pm
Saturdays 8.30am 1pm

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