New DEEP OSCILLATION® Therapy comes to the Matt Barker Sports Massage Hampshire Clinics

Matt Barker Sports Massage is pleased to introduce DEEP OSCILLATION® as an alternative and pain free treatment for muscular pain, tension, soft tissue injuries, lymphatic drainage and much more.

DEEP OSCILLATION® was developed in Germany and originally used by surgeons post-operatively and to combat Lymphoedema and other conditions and is now spreading fast across the Europe, China and the USA in the Sports Injury, Physiotherapy and Equine Therapy fields.

DEEP OSCILLATION® is a dynamic tool that adds a uniquely penetrative yet pain free and entirely safe dimension to an already successful Sports Massage treatment and can be applied during a normal massage or specifically via a hand- held applicator. It is not like Ultrasound or a TENS machine as it has no thermal effects and does NOT stimulate muscles with electrical innovation. This is a relatively new and exciting piece of technology with very few side-effects.

With clinical studies completed showing the useful application of DEEP OSCILLATION® in areas such as Wound Healing, Reduction of Inflammation, Lymphoedema, Sports Injuries, Cellulite, Post Operation Rehab and Post Breast Cancer surgery treatment PLUS the use of it by the NHS and some elite sporting associations, DEEP OSCILLATION® is already proving to be more than just another alternative therapy.

"The Science Bit" - DEEP OSCILLATION® causes ‘shuffling’ of the basic substance in the body’s soft tissues via non-invasive, pain free electrostatic pulsations. This promotes removal of cellular metabolic waste, toxins and abnormal fluid accumulation. This interstitial drainage can significantly reduce local bruising, aseptic inflammation and swelling around a wound. In chronic conditions, DEEP OSCILLATION® helps disperse fibrosis, scarring, adhered and hardened tissue. It can also be used on sub-acute injuries and conditions to promote faster healing earlier than other methods and has been proven to have aesthetic application, tightening and toning skin and even improving cellulite.

Conditions already treated with DEEP OSCILLATION® successfully within the Sports Massage arena include Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, minor Joint Strains and Sprains, Whiplash, Post Hip Operation Scarring and Tight, Aching Muscles.

DEEP OSCILLATION® is ideal for those who want injuries, aches and pains resolved but do not necessarily want the discomfort of a Sports Massage, however, when combined with the high quality Remedial Sports Massage available from Matt Barker Sports Massage at his Winchester and Chandlers Ford clinics, makes for an incredibly effective and specific treatment for your joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue.

I will be offering this as a stand-alone treatment in 30 min sessions at £29 or combined with a Sports Remedial Massage for the usual prices.

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