"I'd spent twelve months training for the Marathon des Sables, a 250km run across the Sahara in Morocco spread over six days, but a series of injuries (in particular to calf, glutes, hamstring, hip flexor and iliotibial band) punctuated my training and culminated in three months off running just eight months before the event.

A sports physiotherapist recommended that I book an initial session with Matt. Following a short course of intensive treatment I was back running and during the subsequent months, which included periodic assessment and treatment from Matt, I remained injury-free and I was able to complete the MDS and, two weeks later, the London Marathon with no injury problems.

I have no doubt that the treatment I received from Matt was instrumental in helping me acheive these goals and I recommend him to anyone."

Russ Bunnage, Ultra-Endurance Runner.

"Following a skiing injury nearly two years ago and despite a number of treatments, my shoulder was only repairing very slowly. After only three treatments with Matt, where he used a very systematic and focused approach, my shoulder has improved signifcantly. Another important factor that has led to this improvement has been following Matt's daily excercises, which have helped rebuild both strength and flexibility in my shoulder"

Simon Hanley, Winchester.

"I came to Matt after recently attempting to take up running. I was struggling with very bad pain in my calf muscles and also a shortness of breath. Matt was able to very quickly identify a problem with my running style, and through massage was able to lengthen my calf muscles enough to get me running in a much better position. The results after 3 sessions with Matt have been fantastic, I have been able to quickly progress from managing a mile but being in huge amounts of pain and so out of breath I couldn't continue, to being able to manage 3 miles with no calf muscle pain at all and being in much better control of my breathing.

This has been great as not only have I been able to complete a charity challenge, but I have also come to really enjoy my running and can't wait to get out each day to progress further. I never thought I would be able to run, I really wanted to but I could never break through that intial pain barrier, but thanks to Matt I have done it! I would recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for a sports physio. Matt is also really down to earth and great at explaining exactly what will happen next, and you are never left feeling awkward by anything he does"

Sharon Rees-Williams

"Having recently moved to Hampshire and unpacked I was in need of an MOT! Matt sorted out my crunchy shoulders and a running injury in my right Quads over six sessions. I would recommend him without hesitation, in fact my marathon running husband is seeing him next"

Alison Thompson

"I attended with Runner's Knee and Shin Splints. I was unsure of the type of therapy that would suit me best and after a brief discussion was directed to Sports Massage. Matt was very thorough in his assessment and found longstanding, rectifiable problems I have simply 'learned to put up with'. Postural retraining and deep tissue massage has really made a difference. He has also provided guidance regarding stretching and exercising at home. He has a very pleasant demeanor, professional approach and he instills confidence. Matt knows what he is doing and does it well. The clinic (Winchester Sports and Spine) has a relaxing atmosphere and the staff are polite and efficient. Overall a valuable therapy experience"

Dr. Jane Baker

"Further to the treatment you gave me recently on my damaged calf muscle, I wanted to write and say how successful it has been. Considering how damaged my calf muscle was when I came to see you, I can say that as a result of the massage treatment you gave me on the muscle, it has now completely recovered. There are no residual lumps or bumps, and there is certainly no pain.

I would have no trouble in recommending you to anyone with a need for massage treatment. Thank you very much for treating me and I wish you every success in the future."

Richard Holt